Visual Vestibular Functional Integration Toolbox (V2FIT)

Elevate with our new digital, visual-vestibular toolbox – with V2FIT, you have time to work through the material, digest it, review it, and apply it

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360 Neuro Health Education & Training

The process of education is evolving and has moved from classroom learning to the application of skill. The goal in creating the Visual Vestibular Functional Integration Toolbox (V2FIT) is to reinvent traditional learning and merge it with a visually appealing digital space that includes tools and ongoing community support.

Our programs (from the Annual Virtual Summits to our advanced Certificate of Competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation (CCVR) Course) are now available in Level 1 to Level 4 V2FIT. Choose the toolbox that best fits your needs.

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