Please note: Vestibular exercises should be customized to each individual. This is a sample video given to a patient with motion sensitivity as part of their home program. This video should not be performed without guidance from a skilled clinician with experience in visually induced dizziness.

Instructions: This home program includes a video to help motion sensitivity that is triggered by busy places, the grocery store, scrolling on your computer, etc.

Please watch the video while:

  • lying on your back
  • sitting
  • standing

Ideally, this exercise would be done on a large TV screen but you can use your computer screen if it is 15” or bigger. This will most likely not be helpful if you watch it on your phone.

The video does include some instructions in it. You will see stripes moving in the following direction(s):

  • to the right
  • to the left
  • switching between right and left

The stripes will move for 10 seconds in this video and a blue dot will randomly move around the screen. Follow the dot with your eyes while keeping your head still. After 10 seconds, you will be asked to perform a deep breathing exercise, called “box breathing.” This sequence will be repeated for a total of 3 repetitions in the video.

You may have an increase in symptoms. If you do, rest and see if your symptoms go back to the intensity when you started within 5-10 minutes. If your symptoms do not decrease, you may want to try the exercise later in the day or the next day.

Ideally, you want to do this exercise up to 3 times per day. Once you can tolerate this exercise without a significant increase in symptoms, we will increase the time of you watching the stripes.

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